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Cow-HouseCowhouse, dairy barn equipment
Cowhouse International is an innovative company supplying products which contribute to a better wellbeing of dairy cows. The products (complete equipment for dairy barns) have been developed after intensive
research and in cooperation with research institutes and universities in North-America. Cow’s do not like to live in a concrete dairy barn. Floors are too hard and space to rest comfortable is usually limited with too many obstacles.

Through the unique Cowhouse housing system called The Comfort Zone cow’s can be offered an environment inside a dairy barn which is similar to the natural outdoor environment. This will result into a higher milk production, healthier cows which will live longer. The Comfort Zone has been proven to be a success on many leading dairy farms in Europe which focus on high milk production and healthy cows.





Scientists recognise 3 important elements for breeding calves successfully: food, housing and management. With the CalfOTel® breeding systems, supported by almost 30 years of practical experience, farmers are guaranteed that the cornerstone 'housing' is the strongest link in the chain. CalfOTel® maintains intensive contacts with farmers, universities and veterinary surgeons. As a result we are able to develop user-friendly systems that help farmers optimally with breeding calves of the highest quality at the lowest possible costs. All this will result in a short pay-back time when purchasing CalfOTel® systems. The CalfOTel® products are based on our three golden principles; labour, welfare and growth, which contribute to optimal calf rearing on your farm. Or as we say: Happy Calf, Happy Farmer!

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