Holland Dairy House

Welcome to Holland Dairy House!

In Holland Dairy House, 11 Dutch companies all active in the international dairy farming business are cooperating. Our mission is to support the sustainable development of the dairy sector worldwide with respect and using the specific character and qualities of the country. We believe the dairy sector worldwide has a great potential. 

Our specialists are willing to answer all your questions concerning dairy farming, from soil to cooling tank. In our group we have international experience with the development of all kind of dairy farms from small (1 cow) to big (5000 cows or more).

Holland Dairy House can support you:

  1. in the development and realisation of your new dairy farm (from idea to operation)
  2. in improving your existing dairy operations
  3. with the delivery of knowhow, cows, semen, feed, barn equipment (installations), field machinery

If you want to meet or have questions, please contact us by mail:

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